Baxter Trails Blog

Hunting season is now underway

Hunter Orange is appropriate when hiking in areas open to hunting in the Park.

Vehicle Size Limits-

Large vehicles are not permitted on the Park Tote Road.

No Pets Please

Pets are not permitted in the Park.



Winter above...

Be Prepared

Winter is arriving in the Park, especially up high. Hikers headed for elevation are advised to be ready for snow, ice and low wind chill temperatures. Staffing is limited in the Park at this time, please hike safely.

Winter in the Park

Winter is arriving soon

Winter in Baxter Park is a wild experience. Check out our advice on visiting the Park in the winter.  Maps are helpful - a starting point is our general winter use map.  Most winter visitors park and start their trip from Abol Bridge. Check out our Abol Bridge Map to be sure you get started right. Lastly, consider some specific advice from BSP Rangers to help you have an awesome and safe winter trip in Baxter.

Baxter Park Completes Search and Rescue Data Review:

The Park has recently completed a comprehensive review of all Search and Rescue incidents filed over the past 22 years. The analysis of the data will help the Park to better communicate with visitors about the risks of wilderness travel and to prepare Park Rangers to better assist visitors in need.