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Attorney General Janet Mills testament to the value of Baxter Park

Percival Baxter created the Baxter State Park Authority to serve as Trustees for Baxter Park. We are fortunate to have such a group of caring and committed Trustees. At the October meeting, Authority member and Maine Attorney General Janet Mills offered the a stirring testament to the value of Baxter Park - a thoughtful message of peace for the holidays.

Dudley Trail closed until 2018

After careful inspection, the Dudley Trail will be closed until 2018 to allow for the relocation of the lower section of the trail. This work is in response to a rock and debris slide that obliterated a critical section of the trail above the Pamola Caves.

No Pets Please

Pets are not permitted in the Park.



Park Naturalist Needed!
Table Land
Katahdin Tableland

We are looking for a qualified resource professional to fill an interim position as Park Naturalist. The Baxter State Park Naturalist provides administrative and technical work developing, planning, and managing Baxter State Park’s Information/Education Division, including interpretive programming, public information and relations efforts, and facilitating resource monitoring. The Naturalist oversees an automated orientation program at Park Headquarters, supervises and directs the information services at Togue Pond Visitor Center; and coordinates interpretive materials designed for use throughout the Park.

The Park Naturalist works as a member of the Park’s administrative team and supervises an Interpretive Specialist and an Appalachian Trail Steward. The Naturalist also provides oversight and management of Park archival materials and works with the Park Director to administer research and media projects within Baxter State Park.

Baxter Park is a great place to work! More information on the position and how to apply is on our employment page.


Planning to Hike the AT to Baxter Peak in 2017? The AT Hiker Permit Plan has changed! Check out the details.
Permit Collage
AT Hiker Permit


It's Winter! December 1 commences the winter camping season.

October 25 Conditions
Winter in BSP!

Winter Visitor Policies & Procedures

Winter Use Map

Winter Hiking

Winter Camping


Love Hiking Trails in Baxter?

Adopt A Trail and help ensure our trails are there for future generations!

Trail Maintaiance


Open Letter to our New Neighbors

Our new neighbor Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument is making plans on how they will set up shop. A significant increase in visitors to the landscape east of Katahdin will have impacts on how we manage and protect Baxter State Park. We are looking forward to talking about our concerns at the upcoming listening sessions. Here’s our open letter to our new neighbors.