Backpaking is a great way to see the Park. Below are some examples of Backpacking Itineraries in Baxter State Park. For a full list of our backing sites visit: Backcountry Campsites page

  • North End of Park

  • South and central of the Park

Fowler Ponds Area Backpacking

There is little elevation gain or loss in the Fowler Ponds Area.

Easy / beginner:

This is a great area to introduce children to backpacking. For younger children maybe an out and back trip on the same trail.

One Way trips: out and back

Trail Name: Fowler Brook

Lower Fowler Outlet
Lower Fowler Outlet site (4 person tent site) 1.3 miles one way. This is a easy grade hike to the Outlet of Lower Fowler Pond. There are 2 canoes. Get canoe key from Matagamon Gatehouse.
Lower Fowler Pond
Lower Fowler Pond site (4 person tent site) 1.5 miles one way. 2 canoes on the pond. Get canoe key at Matagamon gatehouse.

Trail Name: Five Ponds

Billfish Pond site
Billfish Pond site (4 person tent site) 2.2 miles one way. This site is next to the pond. There is 1 canoe. Get key from Matagamon Gatehouse.

Loop trips

Trail Name: Five Ponds

Billfish Pond, Long Pond Pines, Long Pond Outlet
The trailhead for the Five Ponds Trail is at the edge of the Trout Brook Campground. Plan as little as a one night trip up to multiple nights for this loop hike. Add the Middle Fowler North Middle Fowler South Lower Fowler Pond and/or Lower Fowler Outlet sites to extend the trip further. (Would need to back track on the Middle Fowler trail and /or Fowler Brook Trail) Site options on the Five Ponds trail are: Billfish Pond, Long Pond Pines, Long Pond Outlet

Trail Name: Freeze Out Trail, Wadleigh Brook Trail, Frost Pond Trail

Freeze Out Trail Wadleigh Brook Trail Frost Pond Trail
The trail system in this area is easy with a splash of moderate. The sites are set up in a way where for the most part you are backpacking at least 6 miles a day. Two of the sites can accommodate larger parties. There are many possibilities for creating loop hikes in this area. Be creative and have fun. Here are a few ideas to get started.

2 to 3 night Loop backpacking trip without having to spot car: (cars can be spotted at Trout Brook Farm campground or at Wadleigh Brook Trailhead parking area).

Starting at the Wadleigh Brook trailhead

1st night – Frost Pond or Little East Frost Pond Site: (4 person lean-to) 5.2 miles from trailhead. Little East sites- 1 (4 person lean-to) or 1 tent site (8 people) 8.5 miles from Wadleigh Brook trailhead. Note: sites can be rented together for larger parties.

2nd and or 3rd nights – Webster Stream, Webster Outlet, Hudson Pond, or Little East Little East lean-to (4 person) or tent site (8 person) 3.3 miles from Frost Pond lean-to

Webster Stream site- (4 person lean-to) 7.5 miles from Frost Pond, 4.3 miles from Little East sites Webster Outlet site-(12 person site lean-to and tent site combo) 4.4miles from Webster Stream site, 8.7 miles from Little East, 12 miles from the Frost Pond site.

Hudson Pond site- (4 person lean-to site) 4.4miles from Webster Outlet, 4.4 miles from Webster Stream, 8.3 miles from Little East Site

Wadleigh Brook Parking Area: 8.4 miles from Hudson Pond lean-to, 12.8 miles from Webster Outlet LT/TS , 12.4 miles from Webster Stream lean-to.

Two backpacking campgrounds:

Chimney Pond- 3.3 miles from trailhead parking at Roaring Brook. Moderate hike

Russell Pond – 7.2 or 7.6 miles from trailhead parking at Roaring Brook. Easy to moderate hiking

Katahdin Loop (strenuous)
This loop can be hiked starting from Chimney or Russell Pond, with many variations in between.

1st Night
Chimney Pond campground (9 lean-tos, 1- 10 person bunkhouse) 3.3 miles hike

2nd night
Davis Pond lean-to (4 person lean-to one night only) most popular route to Davis is via Saddle trail 4.4 miles from Chimney Pd.

3rd night
Russell Pond campground- (5 lean-tos, 1-8person bunkhouse, 3 tent sites) 5.2 mile hike from Davis Pond
Roaring Brook Parking Area: 7.2 or 7.6 miles from Russell Pond.

Easy to Moderate:

Katahdin Lake Trails:
  • Martin Pond site- Martin Pond site- (6 person lean-to w/canoe) 2.3 mile hike from Avalanche Field trailhead parking area. Martin Pond trail loops around and reconnects with the Katahdin Lake trail 2.1 from the lean-to site.
  • North Katahdin Lake site- (6 person lean-to w/canoe) 4.5 miles from Avalanche Field trailhead parking area.
  • South Katahdin Lake site- 6 person lean-to, w/ canoe) 3.2 miles from Avalanche Field trailhead parking area via the Katahdin Lake Trail.
  • If you are considering a loop trip in this area, please contact our reservation office for options.