Kidney Pond Campground

Kidney Pond Campground provides wilderness cabins.

Summer Season: May 15 - October 15     Winter Season: December 1 - March 31

  • 12 wilderness type cabins
  • (1 cabin requires 1 mile canoe or hike-in)
  • Cabins are equipped with beds, a stove for heat and gas lights. (All bedding and cooking utensils MUST be provided by the camper.)
  • Outdoor fireplaces* for cooking and picnic tables are provided
  • Vault outhouses
  • no showers
    • *Communal fireplaces are provided for most cabins, only 3 cabins have own firering.
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing (rentals available)
  • Fishing
  • Skiing (winter only)
Detailed Cabin Information:
Fees for cabins vary. When considering cabin capacity of all facilities, each child is counted as one individual regardless of age. Capacity of cabins is restricted.
Potable water is not available in the park. All drinking and cooking water must be brought with you. Water for washing dishes and self can be obtained from the pond. Basin will be needed to wash dishes and self. No soap is permitted in the pond.
All cooking is to be done outside the cabins. Cooking may be done on a Coleman-style stove on the porch or on the picnic table located outside. Cabins 1, 2, and 12 at Kidney Pond have a fireplace for outdoor cooking. All cabins may use the community fireplace located in the lawn area.
Small wood stoves are provided for heat in each cabin. Wood is provided at the woodshed.
One propane light is in each cabin. Propane is provided. There are no lights in the bedrooms. Lanterns and flashlights are recommended.
Outhouses are located throughout the campground.
Bedding is not provided. You will need a sleeping bag or sheets, blankets and pillows.
General Information:
This is a wilderness campground. You will need to bring all meal supplies. There are no stores within Baxter Park to obtain food or meals. Groceries can be purchased in the nearby towns. Millinocket is located 20 miles from Togue Pond gate at the south entrance and Patten is located 24 miles from the Matagamon gate at the north entrance.

You need to bring dishes, cooking utensils, gas stove for cooking, basins for washing dishes and self, bucket to carry water from pond, cooler, gas lanterns, towels, bedding, and anything else to make you and your family more comfortable during your stay. Because cooking is to be done outside, we suggest that you bring a tarp and some rope (no nails please) to help keep you dry during inclement weather.

All cabins except 3, 4, and 5 are walk-in.