The proper fee must accompany all reservation requests. All fees include sales tax where applicable and must be paid in U.S. funds. For summer reservations, Park Headquarters accepts Visa, MasterCard, money order or check made payable to Baxter State Park. Campgrounds and gates inside the Park do not accept credit cards (no electricity). Fees are payable by all persons year round (except persons on official business within the Park).

Refunds will not be available ordinarily. The Director may (at his sole discretion) permit refunds or may impose a special requirement before granting refunds. ($10.00 of the paid fee will be retained.)

There is no per person charge for children age 6 or under.

Winter Fees

Winter Rates beginning December 1, 2017

Camping Fees:
Lean-to and Tent   $17/night
Bunkhouse   $20 per person
Chimney Pond Lean-to   $40/night
Chimney Pond Bunkhouse   $38 per person
2 Person Cabin   $57/night
3 Person Cabin   $78/night
4 Person Cabin   $105/night
6 Person Cabin   $135/night
Site Transfers   $15.00

Summer Fees

Rates beginning May 15, 2017

Fees Paid at Gate House:
Entrance fees (per vehicle) $15.00 Season Pass $42.00
There is no vehicle fee assessed for Maine residents!
Camping Fees:
Site Transfers   $15.00
Campground Lean-to or Tent-site   $32.00/night
Backcountry Lean-to or Tent-site   $21.00/night
Bunkhouse (per person per night)   $12.00
2-person cabin   $57/night
3-person cabin   $78/night
4-person cabin   $105/night
6-person cabin   $135/night
Group Areas:
Per person per night   $8.00
Group site minimum   $48.00