Traveling Off Trail

Imagine the places you could go.

One of the benefits of visiting the Park for those who are practiced and skilled in off trail travel, or "bushwhacking" is the opportunity to explore lesser known areas. There are some peaks in the Park that are purposely left without trails to the summit. Please take time to study the Leave No Trace guidelines and practice them if you venture off trail. We ask that no blazes be painted or cut, no cairns or flagging be left, no fires be built and that you minimize signs of your passing in every way. Magnetic declination for this area is about 18 degrees westerly. Remember, that all camping in Baxter State Park must take place in an authorized overnight site and plan your hike to arrive back at your car or campground - overnight bivouacking is not permitted.

Please Hike Safe in your bushwhacking travels and we ask that you leave an itinerary, including your planned route and return time, with the nearest Ranger or Ranger Station.