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BSP Accepting Bids

Baxter State Park is accepting bids for replacement of siding and roof at Baxter Park Headquarter in Millinocket. Bid Requirements

The Baxter State Park Authority Meeting

The Baxter State Park Authority will hold their next scheduled meeting at Rm 300 in the Cross Building in Augusta at 10am on February 10, 2015. More Information.



Baxter State Park Authority Approves Abol Trail Relocation

Abol Trail Relocation

The Baxter State Park Authority approved a $100,000 trail relocation effort to relocate the Abol Trail off of the Abol Slide. The Abol Slide is currently closed due to recent soil, rock and debris movement creating unstable and hazardous conditions. The new trail will be slightly longer but with a reduced grade and improved footing. The new trail will provide safer travel for hikers, an easier ascent to the Tableland of Katahdin and great views. Crews will begin work in the near future. The new trail may be open as early as the fall of 2015.

Baxter Park Completes Search and Rescue Data Review:

The Park has recently completed a comprehensive review of all Search and Rescue incidents filed over the past 22 years. The analysis of the data will help the Park to better communicate with visitors about the risks of wilderness travel and to prepare Park Rangers to better assist visitors in need.