Baxter State Park Visiting Artist Program

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Katahdin and the surrounding landscape have been capturing the imagination of artists and writers since the mid 1800’s, when famed American landscape artist Frederic Church began his visits to the area and Henry David Thoreau made his dramatic ascent described in The Maine Woods.  Over the years, many painters have worked to capture on canvas the aura of Katahdin as seen from Katahdin Lake and Chimney Pond while others have ventured to the northern reaches or interior of the Park. Painters such as Maurice “Jake” Day traveled throughout the Park to capture scenes and landscapes that embody the very soul of what the Park is to many people.  For many who visit the Park, the ever-changing beauty and often haunting grandeur of the northern forest and mountains form an emotional bond that can be both felt and recaptured through the many forms of plein-air expression.

In recognition of this long tradition, and the richness it brings to the Park experience, Baxter State Park’s Visiting Artist Program provides an opportunity for plein-air painters and illustrators to continue to trust their own vision in finding truth in nature and to use their skills in the natural environment of Baxter State Park.  The Park provides cabin lodging to participating artists for two weeks in August.  The Park will also provide one day of orientation to the Park.  No stipend is available for this program.

In return, Visiting Artists are asked to hold at least two sessions – one evening program and one open studio - with the public during their stay, during which their skills and techniques can be explained and demonstrated.  Park staff will work with artists in designing and implementing their programs. Within one year of their stay, Visiting Artists are asked to provide the Park with appropriate professional documentation of their experience in the Park as well as reproduction quality slides or digital imagery of finished work(s) representative of their style and resulting from their experience in the Park.

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