Donating to Baxter State Park

Percivil Baxter
Percival Baxter

Baxter State Park is independently funded by a combination of revenues from user fees, the sale of wood products from the Scientific Forest Management Area, and income from trust funds left by Governor Baxter to provide for the care, maintenance and protection of the Park.

The Baxter Park Authority will accept donations. Donations to Baxter State Park must be made without stipulation, condition or direction regarding the Park's use of the donated funds. Donations are either added to the Park's existing trust funds, or added to the Park's Donation Fund, an operating fund used to purchase typical supplies and equipment used in managing and operating the Park such as canoes, stretchers, rescue beacons and other search and rescue gear as well as lumber, roofing and other materials for picnic tables, shelters and lean-tos. Donations over $1,000 must be formally accepted by the Baxter State Park Authority at a regularly scheduled meeting.

In addition to these resources, the Baxter Park Wilderness Fund was established in 2007 through a gift by an anonymous donor to the State of Maine. The Fund provides unrestricted financial support for Baxter State Park.  See the Donation Report for a list of the most recent donations to Baxter State Park.

For more information about making a donation to Baxter State Park, contact the Park Director at (207) 723-9500.