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Percivil Baxter
Percival Baxter

The Park was designed by Park donor Percival P. Baxter to preserve the Park in its natural state. All of the Park's geological features, animals and plants, are by regulation, to be left in the Park, undisturbed for their own sake and for the enjoyment of future visitors. Of course, harvesting berries and fern fiddleheads for personal consumption and catching fish according to the state regulations for the particular body of water you are fishing are all permitted within the mandate of the Park. Just a note of interest: throughout the Park, hikers may stumble upon the remains of old lumber camps or settlements. While preserving human artifacts is not a management priority, cultural objects are also protected from collecting. Objects such as wood stoves, old kitchenware, old tools, horseshoes and other items should not be collected but should be left where they are found, so that Park visitors discovering them might be able to reflect on the history of the Park's land, passage of time and the regenerative power of nature. We expect all visitors to practice low-impact camping and hiking in this wilderness area, visit Leave No Trace for more information. We hope you enjoy the diversity of settings and life found in this beautiful gift former Maine Governor Percival P. Baxter so generously gave to the people of Maine!