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Snowmobiling in Baxter

Sledders at Web Outlet
Sledders at Web Outlet

Snowmobiles have been permitted on the primary Park access road, called the Park Tote Road, for over 25 years (see Rule #5). This road is not groomed and as such usually provides very good early season sledding and gets rougher as the snow deepens in January - by this time there are usually hundreds of miles of locally available groomed trails for the sledders who prefer faster speeds.

Fuel or food is not available in the Park and sledders should be prepared for the 50 miles of remote trail to traverse the Park's Tote Road from Togue Pond Gate to Matagamon Gate.

The nearest locations outside the Park for fuel are Millinocket (18 miles south of Togue Pond Gate) and Matagamon Wilderness Campground (about 2 miles east of the Park boundary near Matagamon Gate). Roads leading to the Park are not plowed during the winter months and snowmobilers usually start their trip from Millinocket Lake (8 miles from the Park boundary) or the end of the plowed portion of State Route 159 west of Shin Pond (1 mile from the Park boundary). During the early and late winter months, these access routes may become snow-free - please check with Park Headquarters for local conditions.

Snowmobilers are required to stop and register their entry into and exit from the Park at either Matagamon or Togue Pond Gates.

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