Forest Management

Interpretive Trail

Trout Brook from station 11

The Forest Ecology and Management Trail (1+ hrs) 0.8 miles, is an exciting new loop trail offering all ages the opportunity to learn more about the forest and forest management. The trail begins at the Scientific Forest Management Area kiosk (see map), on the Park Tote Road, where users can pick up a brochure with information about 13 learning stations. Initial stations cover tree identification, why and where trees grow and how the forest changes over time. The focus shifts to an explanation of why and how foresters manage the forest to produce a variety of important products such as clean water and sawtimber. Several stations discuss wildlife and wildlife habitat topics.  An interactive station allows users to compare tree diameter measurements with past results to see how individual trees grown.   And an animal track station helps identify what creatures use the trail even if they don’t show themselves to passing hikers.  The trail concludes with beautiful views of Trout Brook.
*PDF Version of the trail Brochure

Forest Ecology and Management Trail Map